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Inactive Status

Request for Inactive Status

Upon written request, any certificate holder or licensee may request to place his or her certificate or license in an inactive status for a period not to exceed three (3) years.

  • The written request shall be made by completing the board approved Inactive Status Application.
  • The board may require a fee of fifty dollars ($50) for each change in status of the certificate holder or licensee.
  • A license issued to an individual, as an associate real property appraiser shall not be eligible for inactive status.

To return to active status, a certificate holder shall

  • Petition the Board for reactivation of the certificate or license;
  • Pay the applicable renewal fee and roster fee required by this chapter; and
  • Provide evidence of completion of the annually required continuing education hours (14) for each year of inactive status. If you did not complete the continuing education for the year prior to placing your license/certification in the inactive status, you will also be required to complete that 14 hours of continuing education.


14 hours x 3 years in an inactive status = 42 + 14 hours for the year prior to placing your license in an active status = 56 total continuing education hours.

A certificate holder or licensee who petitions to return to active status after an inactive period exceeding three (3) years shall be required to meet all the requirements for original issuance of a license or certificate under this chapter.