Renewal Information

 Renewal Information


  2018 Renewal Instructions



Ø All Kentucky Licensed/Certified Appraisers are required to complete 14 hours of Board approved CE by May 15, 2018.   Seven (7) hours of the 14 must be the 2018-19 National USPAP Update.



Ø Education hours must be completed from May 16, 2017 – May 15, 2018.



Ø Completion of the 2018-19 National USPAP Update Course will be required for 2018 renewal.   The National USPAP Update course must be the new edition (2018-19) and must be completed by May 15, 2018.



Ø All Board approved education courses, both classroom and distance education, are listed on the KREAB website.  If you complete a course that is NOT on the approved list, the following must be submitted to the Board for review to determine if credit can be awarded.  You must submit the following: 


a.      timed outline;


b.     course description; and


c.      proof of CE approval from the appraiser regulatory agency in the state where the course was approved.




Appraiser certificates/licenses expired June 30, 2017
Pursuant to KRS 324A.030, it is unlawful, unless certified or licensed by the Board, to assume or use any title, designation, or abbreviation likely to create the impression that you hold a license or certification issued by the Board.  You may not sign an appraisal report as “state certified” or “state licensed”, or words of substantially similar meaning until you have been issued a new certificate by the Board.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Board Office at (859) 623-1658.