Renewal Information

 Renewal Information

    ​​​2019 Renewal Instructions

Renewal will begin May 1, 2019



Ø All Kentucky Licensed/Certified Appraisers are required to complete 14 hours of Board approved CE by May 15, 2019.    




Ø Education hours must be completed from May 16, 2018 – May 15, 2019.




Ø All Board approved education courses, both classroom and distance education, are listed on the KREAB website.  If you complete a course that is NOT on the approved list, the following must be submitted to the Board for review to determine if credit can be awarded.  You must submit the following: 



a.      timed outline;




b.     course description; and




c.      proof of CE approval from the appraiser regulatory agency in the state where the course was approved.





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