How to become an Appraiser

 How to become an Appraiser

Issuance of certificate or license 

(1) The board shall issue to each qualified applicant a certificate or license in form and size as shall be prescribed by the board.

(2) Every certificate and license shall be subject to annual renewal on the date or dates determined by the board by administrative regulation.  Each certificate and license holder shall submit proof of compliance with the continuing education requirements when appropriate and the annual renewal fee to the board on or before the last day of the designated month.  Failure to receive a renewal form shall not constitute an adequate excuse for failure to renew on time.

(3) If the certificate or license holder fails to renew in a timely manner, the certificate or license shall expire.  Within six (6) months after the renewal date,  the former certificate or license holder shall be reinstated by complying with all appropriate renewal requirements and paying a late fee not to exceed ($200).

(4) If six (6) months or more elapse after the renewal date, the former certificate or license holder shall be required to meet all current requirements as if applying for initial certification or licensure.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹