Change of Information

 Change of Information

Change of Information - KRS Chapter 324A.030

Pursuant to KRS Chapter 324A.030 Assumption or use of title, designation, or abbreviation to create impression of certification or licensure is prohibited -- Powers of certified or licensed appraiser -- Appraiser for Transportation Cabinet

(3) Each certificate holder or licensee who is a resident of Kentucky shall have and maintain a definite place of business in this state, a current e-mail address, and a current telephone number.  A nonresident is not required to maintain an active place of business in this state if a definite place of business is maintained in the state where the nonresident resides.  A nonresident shall maintain a current e-mail address and current telephone number.

(4) Failure by a certificate holder or licensee to notify the board of any change of business address, change of company name, change of surname, change of phone number, or change of e-mail within thirty (30) days of the change shall result in a penalty not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200).

Click the link below to make changes to your certificate. 

Change of Information for Appraisers

To request an updated certificate, mail ten dollars ($10) check or money order made payable to the Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board to:

321 N. Madison Avenue | Richmond | KY | 40475