Approved Education for pre-licensing and continuing education

The following PDF file is a list of the education providers and courses that are currently approved by the KREAB:

Approved Education 2014-15

Anyone who requests education approval for a course not approved by the KREAB must submit a course description, course time outline, and if taken outside the State of Kentucky, a completion certificate indicating approval by the appraiser regulatory agency in the State where the course was offered.

To find the list of approved courses on the AQB website:

Step 1: The Appraisal Foundation
Step 2: Click the Education/Qualifications link
Step 3: Click AQB Course Approval Program
Step 4: Click AQB Approved Courses

The Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board approves education providers and courses which are needed to obtain a Kentucky Real
Property Appraiser License/Certification.

Education Providers who wish to offer appraisal education courses will need to complete the Education Approval Application Packet.

Fill out the Instructor Application to become an Education Provider.

Educational Requirements For Certification - 201 KAR 30:190 

Beginning January 1, 2015 the following will be the education requirements for each level:

  • Certified General - 300 hours and Bachelor Degree or higher
  • Certified Residential - 200 hours and Bachelor Degree or higher
  • Licensed - 180 hours and Bachelor Degree or higher
  • Associate - 90 hours

Continuing Education for Appraisers - 201 KAR 30:125

Continuing Education: Number of Hours Required. 

Certified general real property appraisers, certified residential real property appraisers, licensed real property appraisers, and associate real property appraisers shall:

(1) Complete fourteen (14) hours of approved continuing education each license year; and

(2) Furnish the board with proof of compliance.

All credential holders shall successfully complete the seven (7) hour National USPAP Update course, or its equivalent, between January 1 and May 15 of each even numbered year.

  • Equivalency shall be determined through the Appraiser Qualifications Board Course Approval Program or by an alternate method established by the AQB.
  • USPAP continuing education credit shall only be awarded when the class is instructed by an AQB Certified Instructor who is also a State Certified General Real Property Appraiser or a State Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser.
  • The board shall defer continuing education requirements for up to 180 days for credential holders returning from active military duty.
  • Credit for repeating the same course title and content within a twenty-four month (24)  period shall not be granted. (37 Ky.R. 2100; eff. 5-6-2011; Ky.R. 86; eff. 10-5-2012)