How to become an appraiser


AQB Questions and Answers 

How do I ...

Change my information?  Answer - Submit changes by:

When requesting an address change with the reprinting of a license the fee is $10.00.

When requesting an address change without a license reprinted there will be no charge. This will allow us to update our data base and mailing list.

Get a Letter of Good Standing? Answer - A request for a letter of good standing must be in written form by:

  • Mail to: KREAB | 135 W. Irvine Street, Suite 301 | Richmond, KY | 40475
  • Fax to: (859) 623-2598
  • Email to:

The request must contain the following items:

  • Name of the appraiser
  • Complete mailing address where the letter of good standing is to be mailed.

Obtain an Appraiser List? Answer - To obtain a list of appraisers:

  • Send $25.00 and request to KREAB | 135 W. Irvine Street, Suite 301 | Richmond, KY | 40475 
  • When requesting a list, please specify the format in which you want the list printed by appraisers last name, county or city.

or View a list of appraisers and their current status or download the list from the Appraisal Subcommittee web site.